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A few months ago, I wrote a piece for Fox News Latino on the lack of an emerging fighter with superstar potential. On Saturday night, I witnessed what could very well be the career-launching fight of a legend. It most certainly was a candidate for the 2011 fight of the year Victor Ortiz upset Andre Berto.

See: Victor Ortiz’s Victory Over Andre Berto Could Lift Boxing Back to the Future

It was second chance to cover boxing live at the MGM at Foxwoods, after covering the Sergio Martinez-Sergiy Dzinziruk fight a few weeks ago. There was nothing extremely exceptional about that fight. Martinez was the clear favorite, and he delivered.

Berto-Ortiz, or as it may come to be known Berto-Ortiz I, was an incredible back-and-forth bout that just kept getting better. It was made even more remarkable as Ortiz, a 4-1 underdog, defeated Berto by unanimous decision.

Perhaps no sport has a longer list of could-have-beens than boxing. Ortiz, 24, cemented his status as a legitimate contender on Saturday night.

What was also neat about this story is that I shot some video that they used for the piece as well.

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