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For the second straight Page 2 feature, I went into the event thinking it would make for a good blog and ended up with a full story.

After getting a media release about Red Sox players Jacoby Ellsbury and Josh Beckett putting out two wines for charity, I thought it would work for a short piece. However, when I learned more about Charity Wines, I realized it had feature potential.

The piece looks at the Charity Wines initiative, specifically, it’s Longball Cellars collection – though which 25 MLB players have produced wines and donated all of their proceeds to charity.

See: Jose Reyes, others produce charity wine.

The feedback from the story was extremely positive, with one of the founders of Charity Hop, the sports marketing company that oversees the marketing of Charity Wines, writing to tell me, “This is probably the best story on the Charity Wines initiative that has ever been done.”

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