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Without a doubt, the biggest story of the week was the blockbuster three-team, 12-player trade the enabled to the New York Knicks to acquire Carmelo Anthony from the Denver Nuggets.

Given that Carmelo is undoubtedly the most high-profile Latino player in the NBA, the plan was to pen a column on the star forward pegged to the NBA trade deadline, regardless of whether or not a move was made. However, after he was dealt to New York, my goal was to find an angle that hadn’t been done to death.

Keeping in mind my audience, I wanted to focus on what Anthony’s arrival in New York would mean from to a Latino fan base. But also, it was important not to trivialize the fact that first and foremost Latino fans are fans of the game.

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Ultimately, the story looks at how Carmelo is faced with the challenge of living up to the hype that surrounds his arrival in New York, but also has an opportunity to appeal to a Latino fan base in a way he wasn’t able to do in Denver.

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