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I try to have my Fox News Latino stories budgeted out in advance, but some weeks, the subject (please forgive the sports pun) becomes a game-time decision. There’s definitely somewhat of a lull post-Super Bowl before we get into the NBA trade deadline, March Madness and MLB Opening Day, and this week, I was looking for an idea.

Then the Mark Sanchez “non-scandal” scandal broke when Deadspin reported that Sanchez had hooked up with a 17-year-old girl. No laws were broken, but it exploded on the Internet. To be honest, I hate to jump on a tabloid story. But at the same time, I had just written a story on how he’d been incredibly successful in controlling his image since being drafted. The Deadspin piece ran completely contradictory to that idea.

Sanchez hadn’t done anything wrong per se. But from a purely image standpoint, allegedly sleeping with a 17-year-old – while completely legal – is frowned upon. And that became the premise for this week’s column.

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