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Although my column’s focus is social media, there’s some flexibility in what I cover and relevant Web-related sports technology tends to fall under the general umbrella as well. This week’s piece featured an iPad app available only to professional baseball players.

See: MLB players study video with iPad app

Part of what I enjoy about being a journalist, especially in covering sports, is getting a behind-the-scenes look at an area that millions of people are passionate about. However, it’s about more than just having an all-access pass. It’s about then being able to bring that information to an audience that might never have known about it otherwise. That’s why it piqued my interest when I heard that Bloomberg had developed an app that was only available to professional baseball players. It’s not only a unique and incredibly exclusive product – they’re appealing to a very small and elite demographic – but it’s also the kind of story the average fan might not have heard and would find interesting.

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