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Happy New Year. I don’t really do resolutions, but one of the things I hope to do in 2013 is to update this blog more regularly.

The last few months were a bit crazy to say the least. I was teaching three college courses on top writing two weekly columns and one monthly column. This, of course, is in addition to having a pre-kindergartner and an infant. That alone would have kept me busy, but then my nanny got sick and ended up out for five weeks. I had a part-time fill-in, but it was a juggle to say the least. Surviving the semester involved lots of writing late at night and getting up at obscenely early hours to get everything done, fueled largely by coffee and the deadline adrenaline kick that allows journalists to get stories in on time when such a feat seems nearly impossible.

This go-round I’ve got my nanny back and am only teaching one course, but I’m not banking on tons more free time just yet. I’ve taken on some additional work and was recently appointed to the UNITY: Journalists for Diversity national board of directors. And my baby is now walking so I’m constantly chasing after her as well. But when — or maybe that’s if — I get some free time, I’ll do my best to update here.

Of course, you can always follow me on Twitter or check my archives on the right of this page to see what’s keeping me busy.

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