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The aim of this blog/site is to serve as an archive of my work from various outlets across the Web.

However, I want there to be value to each post and don’t want to overwhelm visitors to my site. I think of when I first started in this business and used to save a copy of every story I wrote. Not too long into my daily newspaper career, I realized I was going to need to buy a house just to store all of my writing if I kept that up. I am going to start adopting that strategy here. I will still highlight my work on here regularly, just not necessarily every piece as I have been doing.

Currently, I have a weekly column on Fox News Latino. Beginning in April, I will also have regular social media column on ESPN.com’s Page 2. I will continue to contribute blogs to Page 2 as well. I also pick up additional freelance assignments from time to time. I post a link to everything I write on Twitter, so please follow me (@BurnsOrtiz).

You can also view my work through various site archives.
Maria Burns Ortiz – Fox News Latino
Maria Burns Ortiz – ESPN.com
Maria Burns Ortiz – College Soccer News

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