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Wow. That was my reaction to the reaction I got from my latest Fox News Latino column. I know people read my stories, but it surprised me to see my piece go viral.

I didn’t expect such a response when I wrote the piece on MLS being in position to surpass the NHL as the No. 4 sport in the U.S. sports landscape, but never underestimate the passion of sports fans.

See: Major League Soccer is Poised to Overtake the NHL as the 4th Most Popular Professional Sports League in the U.S.

The soccer fans thought I was brilliant and agreed with me wholeheartedly. The NHL fans, well, to put it mildly, they had a different reaction. (You can’t win over everyone.)

My column got over 1,000 Facebook likes/recommends, was tweeted over 500 times and generated plenty of debate across the Web and around the world.

Among the notable discussion, it was the subject of a post on Mexico’s Récord, and I also was invited to discuss the story and reaction on “The Blake Price Show” on Team 1040 in Vancouver. (Update April 20: The audio is no longer available online.)

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