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Everyone knows that Shaquille O’Neal became as big a star in Twitterverse as he did in the NBA. And, as I covered in my last @Page2 column, the UFC has been incredibly successful in the social mediasphere. But what people might not know is that Amy Jo Martin and her company, Digital Royalty, have been the driving force behind these social media strategies.

See: Amy Jo Martin blazes trails with Shaq

Part of what’s been great about writing @Page2 has been the opportunity to really get a look at what’s going on behind-the-scenes in the world of sports and social media. I have been covering sports professionally for approaching a decade and feel I have a strong understanding of social media (as much as one can in an ever-evolving industry), but being able to speak with sports personalities and social media leaders and get their insight has further broadened my knowledge and perspective when it comes to the digital space.

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