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This page has just kind of been floating out there for the last year plus, but really more the last two years. I could say it’s because I’ve been pretty busy (which is absolutely true – noted by the fact that I posted less than a handful of times since having my second baby, who is now 2), but it’s a little more complex.

I had started this site as a way to showcase the various columns and stories I was writing. You’ve got your stuff on sites all over the web when you’re a freelancer, and this site served kind of a central place to showcase my work and create an archive. But over time, between my consistent gigs at ESPN.com and Fox News Latino, I ended up having pretty significant archives between those two sites and didn’t really need to make my own.

This is what it looks like when you are camping in your apartment when your furniture doesn't arrive until two months after you moved.

And so this page kind of lingered. Then there was a bit of an upheaval – actually it was a full-blown upheaval where in the span of six months: my ESPN.com column was put on “indefinite hiatus” (The abrupt end left me a bit confused – and I’m not going to lie, sad. It made more sense when the entire Playbook section I wrote for was scrapped a very shortly thereafter); I took up an offer to found an #edtech startup; my husband got a fellowship at Stanford that led to us selling our house and leaving Boston for good to move cross country, where we moved into a new place sight unseen; we dealt with the move from hell, where our stuff arrived more than month after it was supposed to (two months after we left Boston); I co-founded a journalism startup; and then my kindergartner broke her leg. She bounced back from a hip-high cast to “you’d never guess” running in nine weeks. It took me another six or so months to rebound.

I’ve also been taking courses at Stanford (a perk to my husband’s John S. Knight Fellowship is that spouses get to take part in the program and take any classes they want at the university). Oh, and I’m writing a book that has a publisher, so not just like an “I’m saying I’m writing a book because it sounds cool” book. No, this is actually a book that needs to be into the publisher by a certain date so they can print it and run it book. More on that to inevitably come.

From time to time, I’ve ended up back on my site, thinking that I should really do something with it. So, I’m going to do the best that I can to try to “do something with” this page. It’s going to be a bit of a shift in direction – less “here’s what I wrote for X news outlet today” and more personal (but not like awkward oversharing personal – ideally more in a larger picture, these are my interests kind of way) looking at entrepreneurship, the new direction of media, diversity,  and inevitably mentions of my amazing children (like when my baby tried to mug me).

My mom, blogger extraordinaire AnnMaria De Mars, has done this whole 30-day blogging challenge a few times (where you blog every day for a month) and swears by it. My goal is to work up to that. For now, my plan is just to post more frequently — and it’s not hard to post more frequently than once a year. If it works, it works. If not, well, I’ll see you back here in another two years.

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