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I haven’t had more time lately, but I’ve had a lot more going on. And every once in a while, I think, “I should be documenting this.” But I felt like I didn’t really have a place to do that. I write regularly on my company blog for 7 Generation Games, but there are things that don’t necessarily fit there. I decided this site – since it’s in my name and I already own it. It’s going to be a totally different set of posts as my life has shifted dramatically since I started this blog. It seems like the first 70 or so posts on here are from a different life, but that’s the way life goes…

What do I mean by a completely different life ago? Well, let’s see. I’ve now launched two companies. One of which I’m working on full time: 7 Generation Games, and one of which I’ve moved into more of an advisory role: Evrybit. I believe each one of them has the opportunity to make radical changes in the world. I’ve got three children — two girls (7 and 3) and an almost-7-month-old boy — each of which I believe has the ability to make radical change in the world. I’ve moved more times than I can count. (Well, I could actually count them, but let’s just say you know you’re moving too often when the movers come to get your stuff and say, “Wait, didn’t you just move in here?”) I co-wrote a book, like a real book published by a real publisher that people are buying.

It’s been a crazy ride, but it’s totally great (most of the time). And it’s kind of just getting started.

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